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A bouncy castle is a great way to entertain kids and have fun. As well as being fun, it is also a great way to burn off energy and exercise for children. There are a few things to consider when renting a bouncy castle. I hope these tips or guides will help you choose the right and safe inflatable for your event.

70+ Inflatable bouncy castle to rent4×4 meters500 AED to 900 AED

Choose a reputable rental company

Before renting an inflatable bouncy castle, do some research and find a reliable and reputable company.

When you decide on a company to rent from, check their customer reviews on their website, Google profile, and social media profiles.

A reputable company will always test the bouncy castle before setting it up on your property. Professionals and trained staff set up on the client’s property and provide safety information to parents. You can also hire an attendant to ensure guests’ safety if issues arise.

Electricity availability and accessibility

You will regret it when the delivery arrives after realizing you don’t plan to run power to the unit.

Electric air blowers are used to inflate the bouncy house depending on their size. So, without a reliable electricity source, you can’t set up and use an inflatable structure.

You may need a generator if you plan to be outside or in a public space. If you are planning a party on your property, you need a heavy-duty extension cord from your home to the blower. Nevertheless, good companies keep extension cords with them in case they need to serve customers.

Things to consider whrn renting a Bouncy castle

Consider the age range of the little guests

Bouncy castles are designed for different age groups. It is not possible to use the same bouncy for children of the same age group.

Thus, it is essential to consider the age range of the young guests who will use it. Young guests aged 4 to 12 years can use the bouncy castle. Kids under 4 are not recommended.

You should also ensure that children from different age groups do not jump together at the same time. Make groups based on their ages, such as 4 to 6 years, 7 to 9, or 10 to 12 years.

Weather conditions

We see that most inflatable bouncy castles are placed outside. So it’s important to consider the weather conditions. Before renting, always check the weather forecast.

For safety reasons, bouncy castles cannot be used in high winds, thunderstorms, or extreme heat. If you need to rent a bouncy castle in the summer, then you should choose it with a water pool & slide.

Safety and cleanliness:

Don’t compromise on the safety and cleanliness of the inflatable jumping castle, otherwise, it can ruin your party and get kids sick or injured.

Safety precautions you should adopt are that never over-weight the bouncy with too many children of different ages. The area around the bounce should be clear and free of sharp objects and rocks. They don’t have any sharp objects and aren’t wearing glasses while jumping.

Reputable companies clean, sanitize and inspect their products daily. After the castle is set up at your location, ask them to clean and sanitize it.

Duration and charges

One more thing you need to consider before renting a bouncy castle is how long you’ll need it for and how much it will cost. Decide how long you would like to rent for. Rental companies offer half-day and full-day rentals. Some companies also offer longer periods.

Keep in mind that the longer you rent the bouncy castle, the more expensive it will be. Request a quote from the rental company and inquire about delivery and setup fees. You should also ask for a discount because many companies offer discounts on renting multiple items.

RentCrown charges 50% in advance and 50% after the event (the same day). In case of any issues, if you wish to cancel your order contact us as soon as possible.


Don’t let the kids alone in the bouncy castle. Supervision is necessary to make the party safe and fun. Parents should keep an eye on their children when they jump. You can ask other parents who attended your party to supervise the bouncy castle with you.

Alternatively, you can hire a supervisor for the bouncy castle and your children. Following the rental company’s rules and safety guidelines, such as not wearing glasses, shoes, or eating, is vital.


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