PopCorn and Cotton Candy Machine


Rent Popcorn and cotton candy machine with Attendant

Get ready to add some sweetness and crunch to your next event with our Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machine! This dynamic duo will bring the fun and excitement of the carnival to your party, wedding, or corporate event.

RentCrown is a party rentals company, offers Popcorn and Cotton Candy machine on rent with attendant in Dubai and all over the UAE. We offer services in affordable price. You should include popcorn and cotton candy treats to add fun and flavor at children’s birthday party.

With our rental service, you can enjoy the convenience of having the machines delivered straight to your event location. Our professional attendant will set up everything, you just enjoy with guests. Attendant will serve to 50 members, but you can get extra by paying 2 AED for a cotton candy stick and 4 AED for a popcorn cup.

Our machines are of the highest quality and are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each rental, ensuring that your guests enjoy a safe and hygienic experience. Plus, our machines are energy efficient, making them eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add a unique touch to your event. Contact us today to reserve your Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machine Rental and give your guests a sweet and crunchy experience they won’t forget!

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