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kids party furniture rental in dubai
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For Adults

Shiwari Golden Chairs (with foam seat): Aed 15/Chair

Banquet Chairs (with covers & Ribbons): Aed 12/Chair

White Plastic Chairs:  Aed 10/Chair

Round Buffet Table (with cover):  Aed 65/Table

Rectangle Buffet Table (with cover): Aed 45/Table

Note: Aed 120/- Transport Charges

For Kids

Colored Plastic Chairs for kids
15 Chairs, 3 Tables (with table covers)
Aed 290/- (All charges included)
Chairs: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red
Table Covers: Red, Green, Pink, Yellow, White, Blue.

Rainbow Chairs for kids
15 Chairs, 3 Tables (with table covers)
Aed 290/- (All charges included)
Table Covers: Red, Green, Pink, Yellow, White, Blue.

Ikea Wooden Chairs & Tables (White)
15 Chair, 6 Tables (with table covers)
Aed 390/- (All charges included)
Table Covers: Red, Green, Pink, Yellow, White, Blue.

Adult and Kids Party Furniture Rental in Dubai

Planning a Birthday party or any event? We know you need services to present the venue perfectly. Rentcrown offers Party decoration, Party furniture rentals, kids entertainment services in Dubai and across the emirates.

When it comes to make the kids party special, ensure not to compromise on quality. We offer kids party furniture on rent in nominal price. Party Furniture should be safe and comfortable for guests and made up of high quality material according to the age and weight of the children’s.

You can hire the safe, stylish, and comfortable furniture-table and chairs in any color according to you party theme.  We have various kind of set of wooden table chairs, plastic table chairs and rainbow table chairs for rent in Dubai-UAE.


What types of party furniture can I rent from Rentcrown?

Rentcrown offers a wide range of party furniture for rent, including chairs, tables with covers, sofas, buffet tables, bar stools, LED furniture, and more. They also have a variety of styles and designs to suit different event themes and decor.

How far in advance do I need to book party furniture rental?

It is recommended to book party furniture rental as early as possible to ensure availability. Ideally, you should book at least a week in advance of your event date to avoid disappointment. However, Rentcrown will do its best to accommodate last-minute requests if possible.

How do I place an order to rent party furniture?

You can place an order for party furniture rental by contacting us through the website, email, or phone. We will guide you through the process and help you to choose the right furniture for your event.

What if I need to cancel my rental order?

If you need to cancel your rental order, you can contact Rentcrown as soon as possible to inform them. No cancellation fees will be applied.

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