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What is a Mascot and Mascot Entertainer?

A mascot is a character of various kinds, such as cartoons, animals, humans, or objects. Mascots are usually associated with a specific field, brand, organization, sports team, or institute and are used for promotional and entertainment purposes. 

Likewise, a individual who wears a mascot costume and perform the character (mascot) to entertain and bring smiles to others is known as a Mascot Entertainer. Mascot entertainer interacts with the crowd and performs various activities to engage them. They aim to make their valuable time memorable.

Companies often hire mascot entertainers to wear their logo or branding for brand promotion or marketing purposes.

Hire a Mascot Entertainer in Dubai

Are you looking to hire a mascot entertainer in Mirdif, Dubai? Look no further! At RentCrown, we offer a variety of mascot and costumes to rent in Dubai to make your special occasions truly memorable. Whether it is a Birthday party, Corporate event, Festival, Public gathering, or any kind of event a mascot costume entertainer adds a magical touch to make the event unforgettable.

Our mascot entertainers are professionals who know how to create an enchanting environment for kids and adults. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our valued clients so they remember their event and our services forever.

RentCrown – Reliable Costume Rental in Dubai

RentCrown is proud to be a trusted costume rental in Dubai. We offer an extensive collection of costumes for rent based on theme and preferences. Our popular cartoon mascot costumes for parties include:

  • Spiderman mascot
  • Mickey Mouse mascot
  • Sonic mascot 
  • Gorilla mascot
  • Astronaut mascot
  • Bunny mascot
  • Tom and Jerry mascot
  • Teddy bear mascot
  • Pikachu mascot

We recommend choosing from any of these if you want to hire a mascot for birthday party. Furthermore, look at our collection listed above to rent your own choice.

Why Should You Hire Mascot for Birthday Party?

Planning a memorable birthday party or any event can be stressful, especially when selecting the right entertainment for guests of all ages.

We all know that parties are incomplete without entertainment. That’s why we present our best entertainment service – mascot entertainer for rent in Dubai. It will transform your event into a fun-filled occasion that will be discussed for years.

Why Choose Us?

Our quality services make us the best choice for you:

Large Collection of Mascots:

We offer a diverse range of mascot characters made from high-quality materials, ensuring they are well-maintained, neat, and clean. Our mascot costumes allow entertainers to move freely and perform at their best.

Professional Entertainers:

Our entertainers are the best for any event; they have also won excellence awards for performances at national and international events.

Affordable Prices:

We are proud to be an affordable company for costume rental in Dubai without any hidden charges. We aim to make our services accessible so everyone can make their event extraordinary and memorable.

Satisfied Customers:

We make memories! Our satisfied and repeated customers showcase the quality of our services. You should look at our reviews and ratings on our Google Business Profile.

Why Choose Us?

RentCrown is not just the business of mascot rental or entertainers; we are in the business of creating unforgettable moments. Our permanent clients are the proof of our quality services. We like to build long-term relationships with our clients by providing them with professional services without hidden charges. In conclusion, RentCrown is the best place for your party planning. Don’t wait any longer; give us a chance to make your event extraordinarily memorable with our entertainers and mascot costume rental in Dubai.


Can costume entertainers perform at both indoor and outdoor events?

Yes, our costume entertainers can perform at both types of events. It is, however, it’s important to ensure the weather conditions are suitable for costume entertainment.

How much does it cost to hire mascot in Dubai?

The charges depend on the duration and kind of event. Typically, RentCrown charges 450 AED for a 2-hour party.

How do mascot entertainers entertain guests at parties?

Performers entertain by engaging in physical comedy, playing games with the audience, singing songs, giving hugs, and providing photo or video opportunities.

How many mascot entertainers can I hire for my event?

Depending on the kind of event and number of guests, you can hire as many mascot entertainers as you need. Generally, 1 or 2 performers are sufficient.

How can I book a mascot for my event?

Contact us via WhatsApp or Call at the phone number; we will guide you through the booking process and help you choose the perfect mascot for your event.

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