Fire Performer in Dubai

Fire Show artist performing stunts in a party at night
A Fire Breather performing stunt in a show in Dubai
Fire Performer entertaining audience
Fire performer showing staunts in Dubai
Fire Entertainer manipulating fire to entertain in a party
Fire Show Performer Spinning fire poi

What is a Fire Performer?

Fire performers or fire dancers manipulate fire to entertain a crowd. They use specialized props and equipment like poi, hula loops, or a Bo staff with multiple wicks to sustain a flame large enough to create stunning visual effects. Fire dancing is an amazing and distinctive performance that is rhythmic, energetic, lively, and intimating, leaving the audience in awe. 

In addition to being a fire dancer, a fire performer can be a fire-breather, fire blower, and fire eater. The artists use different techniques and work skillfully to perform difficult and dangerous stunts while keeping themselves and the audience safe. 

Fire show performers are always the star of the party; they can perform in open spaces, deserts, and cruise ships and always provide an excellent combination of music, fire, and dance. 

Hire a Fire Performer in Dubai

Are you planning to host an unforgettable party or dinner? Hire a fire performer to turn your event into a fantastic spectacle!

RentCrown has the most entertaining and professional Fire Performer in Mirdif, Dubai. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, public gathering, official dinner, festival, or corporate event, our fire artists will make your event unforgettable. 

The Fire Show can include a variety of performances including:

  • Fire Dance
  • Fire Breathing
  • Fire Eating
  • Fire Juggling

Why You Should Hire a Fire Performer?

Every party is incomplete without entertainment. So, choosing the right one that fits the event is essential. Adding Fire Show is the best way to set your event ablaze. The alluring fire performance, skilled dancers, and fiery music bring the heat to every celebration and special occasion.

The fire dancers add a serious wow factor, leaving the audience astounded with their extremely skilled performance and incredible ability to manipulate flames.

Why Choose Us?

1. Expert and Professional Fire Performers

Fire is not something to play with; it is dangerous and can cause serious incidents. But not when you have Rent Crown’s professional fire performers. We have the most experienced team of fire performers or fire dancers in Mirdif- Dubai, who will control the performance while keeping the crowd entertained. 

2. Wide Range of Tricks and Shows

We deliver the best fire shows in Dubai with a diverse team of fire performers, dancers, breathers, eaters, blowers, and artists. Our dancers can perform solo, as a duo, or as a group to deliver poi, coal poi, rope darts, fire staff, fire fans, scimitar, orbs, palm candles, fleshing, vapor tricks, fire eating, pyrotechnics and belly dancing with fire. 

3. Ability to Perform in Every Condition

Dubai is a diverse place with many different terrains for fire shows. Our professional fire performers are perfectly accustomed and well-trained to perform in every condition. So, whether your event is on a cruise ship, in an indoor hall, in a desert, on a street, or in a function hall, our team will deliver a lasting performance. 

4. Affordable Prices

Rent Crown believes in making the event memorable for everyone, and there is no better way than a fire show. That’s why we are Dubai’s most affordable fire performer to make our services accessible to everyone. 

5. Unique Performances

One of the reasons to hire our fire performer is the ability to deliver unique and customized performance according to the event. We have separate performances for parties, weddings, and corporate events. Our team can choreograph special performances according to your demands to create a distinctive visual spectacle and a lasting impression on guests. 


Rent Crown is not just a Company that entertains at your events. We take everything personally and work with the goal of making your parties outstanding, and the experience is always visible on the faces of our esteemed clients. 

We are the best party planners and have the most professional and experienced team of fire performers in Mirdif, Dubai. So, get a marvelous fire show in Dubai, and reach out to us for an exquisite experience and first-class organization. 


Q1:  Are fire acts safe for indoor events?

A:  Yes, all the fire shows are totally safe for indoor events. They are carried out by trained professionals. Moreover, we have held many indoor events across Dubai. Although it’s safe to carry indoor events, we still assess the venue before confirming. 

Q2:  Which events are suitable for fire performance?

A:  Fire entertainers are suitable for all kinds of events. A corporate dinner, cruise dinner, desert safari, birthday party, wedding, street festival, you name it, Rent Crown will exceed your expectations. 

Q3:  Do you comply with health and regulatory standards to conduct fire acts?

A:  Yes, all of our performances are compliant with health and safety regulations.

Q4:  How much do fire performers cost?

A:  The cost of hiring fire performers can vary on several factors, such as the nature of the event, duration, and location. Usually, RentCrown charges 800 AED for 10 to 15 minutes of fire show performance at parties.

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