Inflatable Water Slide Renting Guidelines – Ensure Fun and Safety

Are you planning to beat the heat of summer in UAE? If Yes, then you are at the right place. Inflatable water slides are a unique way to cool off while enjoying and having fun. The water slide and pool provide hours of entertainment and fun. Not only children, adults can also enjoy the thrilling experience of sliding.

The inflatable water slide provides an exciting and refreshing experience for people of all ages. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, family gathering, or community festival, an inflatable water slide will be the perfect addition to any summer event. In recent years, water slides and pools have become the most popular activities in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

Renting a water slide is not simple; it requires careful consideration to ensure fun and safety. In this article, we will discuss the inflatable water slide renting guidelines to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Factors to consider when renting inflatable water slide

Types of inflatable slides

Water slides come in different structures, themes, and sizes. Each type of slide offers a different experience. Therefore, it is essential to know which type of slide can fulfill your needs.

Slides with bouncy:

This inflatable structure has a bouncy or jumping area with slides. The slides with bouncy have the flexibility to use it as dry and wet, which makes it ideal for any type of event. Although it doesn’t have a water pool, this structure can be set up with a backyard water pool in summer. Usually, it is used for jump and slide.

Slides with Pool:

This type of inflatable structure has a water pool with slides to cool off the summer heat. To enjoy this activity, continuous water is necessary. It is most demanding in those areas of UAE where swimming pools or water parks are not accessible nearby. This inflatable water slide and pool can provide you with a unique bathing and sliding experience at your home.

If you are interested, you should look at our water slides inventory. We have a variety of theme water slides with pool or bouncy like Princess, Minions Welcome, Palm Oasis, and Crocodile.

Selecting the right water slide

Choosing the right inflatable activity plays an important role in making any event successful. There are two main essential considerations to take care of when renting an inflatable water slide with pool.

Age of Guests:

You know? Water slides come in different sizes and structures that have limits to cater the weight of children and adults. Each inflatable slide is not suitable for guests of any age group. A simple and small inflatable slide with a pool is preferable to rent for younger children. At the same time, adults and teenagers require large, tall structures with more obstacles for a more exhilarating experience.

Therefore, it is wise to determine the age group of participants to rent the best inflatable water slide as per your needs.

Space Requirements:

The space availability is a crucial factor when renting an inflatable water slide. Inflatable water slide and pool requires large enough space setup it.

Measure the dimensions of the available space in your backyard or where you want to plan the pool party. And share with “RentCrown”, we will provide the best product that fits in your space and meets your needs. Sometimes, a party planner needs a large inflatable but doesn’t have adequate space to set it up. In this case, we recommend that they arrange another venue, such as a park or farmhouse.

Note that the setup area should have no obstacles like walls, trees, or electric power lines. Furthermore, It is recommended to use this on flat surfaces or grassy areas. Although concrete surfaces can be used in both cases, it is necessary to use safety mats to prevent damage to any sharp objects.

Setup Requirement

The setup requirement means what you need to set up an inflatable water slide. It may sound like a basic requirement, but regretting it can ruin your event. These are two major setup requirements.

Electricity Supply:

The word inflatable describes itself as an object that can inflate. What do we use to inflate the water slide? Electric blowers are used to inflate the structure. The electric blowers require a continuous electricity supply to keep the structure inflated. However, the size of the inflatable determines how many electric blowers are required.

Ensure that the venue should have accessible electric power outlets nearby. Otherwise, you’ll need to rent a generator.

Water Supply:

‘Beat the Heat’, the purpose of the water slide is incomplete without water availability. This inflatable fun activity requires continuous water flow to keep the pull full and the slide wet. It requires the more water we use daily, but it doesn’t mean it requires any special water supply or hydrant. Just connect with the water hookup or garden hose to meet the need. Depending on the size of a water slide, it consumes almost four liters of water per minute.

Company Selection

Choosing the right rental company matters a lot. Many companies provide services at low cost but take care; the quality services do not always come at low prices. These two factors will help you to find a reliable company.

Rental Company:

A reputed rental company not only provides quality products or services, but they also ensure a safe and memorable experience.

The professionalism and experience of a rental company show its profile. Experienced rental companies provide top-notch services to their customers and always give priority to their satisfaction. Moreover, professional and reputed rental companies have a wide range of products or services with positive customer reviews.

Customer reviews:

Before finalizing any rental company, take reviews from your close relations. They will give you honest feedback; if you can’t get then visit their website, Google profile, and social media profiles.

From the social channels, you can extract good information about the rental company, which will help you find a trustworthy company.

RentCrown – Party Rental and Suppliers

RentCrown is a premier event organizer and party rental company that has been offering top-notch services to its clients since 2012. Read our customers’ reviews on Google Business Profile to get ideas about our services.

RentCrown provides a wide range of Inflatable water slides for rent in Dubai-UAE. Visit our water slides inventory to find the best product that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water is needed for an inflatable water slide?

A continuous water supply is required for the inflatable water slide to function. It consumes almost 4 liters of water per minute.

Can adults use inflatable water slides?

Yes, many water slides are available that suit both children and adults. If adults are also joining the water pool party, you must discuss with the rental company to get a perfect rental catering to adults.

Can inflatable water slides be used dry?

No, the inflatable water slide can’t fulfill its entire purpose without water. Although, if you just want to enjoy the excitement of the slide, then you can use it dry.

How much does it cost to rent an inflatable water slide?

A rental cost depends on size, design, and delivery location. With RentCrown, you can rent an inflatable water slide with the attendant for just 550 to 750 AED. Additionally, delivery is free in Dubai, and there are minimal delivery charges elsewhere in the UAE.

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